This is a selection of published articles from the last couple years. To find additional pieces, use the archive menu on the right side of the homepage. Stories from Egypt run from December 2011-January 2013, west Africa and Madagascar from February 2013 on.

The Nation: Madagascar’s Castaway Women (April 15, 2014)…investigation into thousands of Malagasy women trafficked to abusive jobs in Middle East

Rolling Stone Middle East: The Quiet American (September 2012)…feature on Egypt soccer coach Bob Bradley

The Economist: With allies like these…(July 13, 2013)…pro-Ouattara warlords occupying top security positions in Ivory Coast

Slate: A Cursed Land (February 14, 2014)…poverty, gemstones and faith in the sapphire capital of the world

The Economist: So far, so good (August 3, 2013)…a successful first round in Mali’s presidential election but what next?

Al Jazeera: Young observers get ready for Mali’s election (July 27, 2013)…young democratic activists mobilize Malians for election

The New York Times: In Egypt, Rival Ultras Meet To Show Common Cause (March 13, 2012)…meeting of rival Ultras after Port Said

The National: WWE gets a grip of fans in Egypt (November 4, 2012)…Egypt’s curious obsession with pro wrestling

The Economist: A tale of two families (July 20, 2013)…hints of democratic progress in authoritarian Togo

The Economist: Flocks and shepherds (March 9, 2013)…a look at the Catholic Church around the world as the conclave chooses a new pope

The Economist: Billboards against corruption (July 4, 2013)…Ivorian government fights corruption with cryptic billboards

GlobalPost: Madagascar, where child prostitution is common, cheap and ‘trivial’ (January 31, 2014)…Madagascar fights a scourge of child prostitution

Egypt Independent: Anger lingers among Abbasseya residents after clashes (May 8, 2012)…surveying the wreckage

The National: The man at the epicentre of Egyptian football (June 23, 2012)…interview with former Egyptian Football Association head Samir Zaher

GlobalPost: Young and restless in Ivory Coast (May 8, 2013)…sky-high youth unemployment threatens the country’s recovery

The National: Morsi’s decree sparks protests across Egypt (November 24, 2012)…thousands take to the streets

Mother Jones: Interrogating the NY Times’ Anthony Shadid (January 26, 2012)…interview with the late, great journalist

The Economist: Another Somalia? (May 25, 2013)…rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

The Economist: Appy birthdays (May 21, 2013)…a plan to register births using a mobile application

The Economist: Will the guilt be shared? (April 13, 2013)…Ivorian government begins exhumation process

Mother Jones: Interview: How Questlove Stays Occupied (November/December issue)…Roots band leader opens up

The Economist: Boomtown church (March 16, 2013)…Catholicism in Ghana


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