Stuff I wrote this year…

1. A Plague of Sapphiresstory of my trip to Ilakaka, a once-booming sapphire town in southern Madagascar that’s fallen on hard times of late

2. Madagascar’s Castaway Women – an investigation into the trafficking of young Malagasy women to work in slave-like conditions in the Middle East–and the role of Western donors in their tragic fate

3. Writing About Africa: Thoughts From the Field – my reflections on getting Africa “right” following my trip to Madagascar

4. What are the Chinese up to in Africa? – my review of Howard French’s excellent China’s Second Continent

5. France in Africa: We can’t help coming back – France’s new military posture in west Africa and a new era of Francafrique 

6. Can Zambia save its environment with marijuana? – Zambia’s leading environmentalist runs for the presidency on an unusual platform

7. Botched customs upgrade cuts of Congo’s second city – technological fix for Congo’s Zambia border crossing runs into some glitches

8. Congo lends a hand to fight Ebola, urges African solidarity – amid own outbreak, Congo trains up volunteers to help afflicted west African countries

9. African rivalries weaken U.N. hand against rebels in Congo – competing agendas threaten unified action against Rwandan rebel group in east Congo

10. Mysterious killings in east Congo prompt anger at U.N. and army – shadowy overnight massacres in Beni under the nose of Congolese and U.N. soldiers fuel anger and suspicion 


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