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Greetings from Abidjan! It’s been an exciting first few weeks in West Africa, full of new experiences, great food, lots of beer, a new apartment, and a series of long bus rides to and from Ghana. So far, I’ve been writing mostly for the Economist. As most of you know, that means no bylines. Nor can I post pieces in full until a month after publication. Nevertheless, I will be sure to use this space to post links to my most recent work. Below are three stories I either wrote or contributed to–the first a blog post from the Abidjan neighborhood of Yopougon, the second an Economist report on the state of the Catholic church with some of my reporting from an Abidjan monastery, and the third my report on Ghanaian Catholicism from Cape Coast and Accra. Thanks for reading.


Laurent Gbagbo and the ICC: Watching and Waiting (March 4)


The Roman Catholic Church: Flocks and Shepherds (March 9)


Catholics in Africa: Boomtown Church (March 16)

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