Remembering Anthony Shadid

For the one-year anniversary of Anthony Shadid’s untimely death in Syria, I’m re-upping this interview I did with him weeks earlier. It goes without saying for anyone who ever read a story of his that Anthony was the best, combining all the highest qualities of reporting and storytelling. Anyone who had the privilege of speaking to him can tell you something else–that despite being the greatest foreign correspondent of his generation, he was one of the warmest, most selfless people you’re liable to ever encounter. As a young journalist about to make my first foray abroad at the time, I found talking to Anthony the biggest motivation to not just get out there, but to do great journalism. More than a year on, I’m still a long way from fulfilling that charge, yet I find myself returning regularly to his timeless words: “It’s important as a reporter, a writer, a journalist, to try to restore humanity.” Anthony did that better than anyone. We all remain indebted to his legacy.

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