Mubarak Tells Egyptians to Fuck Off

Might Hosni Mubarak have just handed the opposition movement the greatest gift it could have asked for? Word was all day that Mubarak would be stepping down and handing off power to Vice President Suleiman or the army. Instead, he delivered what amounted to a giant “fuck you” to the hundreds of thousands of Egyptians crowded into Tahrir Square.  It remains to be seen what effect Mubarak’s remarks will have on the protests, but judging by the deafening cries of “Leave! Leave! Leave!” that filled the square after it became clear Mubarak wouldn’t be stepping down, the speech seems certain to further revitalize a movement whose momentum seemed to be waning earlier this week. A Mubarak resignation would have muddied the waters, likely dividing the opposition between those satisfied by Mubarak’s moderate concession and those inclined to view Suleiman as an unacceptable extension of the Mubarak reign. With this speech, though, Mubarak has surely united the protestors in fury. Last Friday’s “Day of Rage” failed to quite live up to its billing; tomorrow’s will not. Watch this space.


One thought on “Mubarak Tells Egyptians to Fuck Off

  1. I believable after that speech, he went home (palace) and watched himself. If I were him I’d be ashamed. Especially your deputy comes up after that red-neck mentality speech and asks the protesters to go home and continue working the next day. Pathetic.

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